Ticketnetwork Vs Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster is the more well-known brand, while ticketnetwork is a lesser-known alternative. Despite this, ticketnetwork offers lower fees and more affordable ticket options.

When it comes to purchasing tickets for your favorite events, the options can be overwhelming. Two popular choices include ticketmaster and ticketnetwork. While ticketmaster is a household name, some may find that ticketnetwork provides a more affordable alternative. Although less well-known, ticketnetwork offers lower fees and more budget-friendly ticket options.

Whether you are a frequent concert-goer or just looking for a one-time event, it is worth considering both ticketmaster and ticketnetwork before making a purchase. In this article, we will explore the similarities and differences between these two ticketing platforms.

Ticketnetwork Vs Ticketmaster

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Ticketnetwork Vs Ticketmaster: An Overview Of The Two Platforms

Ticket purchasing has never been easier with the success of online ticket marketplaces such as ticketnetwork and ticketmaster. Although they share some similarities, each platform has its unique features and services that make them stand out. So, what makes them different and how do they compare?

In this blog post, we’ll compare ticketnetwork and ticketmaster by analyzing their brief history, availability and types of event tickets, and ticket prices and discounts.

Brief History And Background Of Each Platform

  • Ticketmaster, founded in 1976, was the first ticketing company that provided computerized ticketing services to music venues and sports arenas.
  • In 2002, ticketnetwork was established as an online ticket marketplace, offering a vast selection of event tickets from various sources.

Availability And Types Of Event Tickets On Both Platforms

Ticketnetwork and ticketmaster offer event tickets for a wide range of categories including sports, concerts, theater, arts, and more.


  • Provides exclusive access to tickets for certain events and promotions through partnerships with artists and promoters.
  • Sells tickets for international events in addition to domestic ones such as the olympic games.
  • Offers vip packages and meet-and-greet options for certain events.


  • Features a vast selection of tickets from primary and secondary marketplaces.
  • Has a unique bidding system where buyers can bid on a ticket and receive it at a lower price.
  • Offers mobile app services which provide easy and quick access to event tickets.

Ticket Prices And Discounts On Ticketnetwork And Ticketmaster

Ticket prices for events vary on both platforms as they are determined by the event organizer and not the platform itself. However, both ticketmaster and ticketnetwork offer discounts and promotions for events.


  • Provides discounts for loyal members of their verified fan program.
  • Offers exclusive bundles, presales, and early access for some tickets.
  • Allows users to save money through ‘ticket deals’ that offer discounts on selected events.
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  • Offers discounts and promotions through newsletters and social media channels.
  • Provides a reward program which accumulates points on purchases that can be redeemed for future events.

While ticketmaster has been in the ticketing industry for much longer than ticketnetwork, ticketnetwork’s unique features such as their bidding system and mobile app services allow it to stand out in the industry. On the other hand, ticketmaster’s partnerships with promoters and artists provide exclusive access to some tickets that ticketnetwork doesn’t offer.

In the end, both platforms have their strengths and weaknesses, and it is up to the buyers to decide which suits their needs better.

User Experience

Ticketnetwork Vs Ticketmaster: User Experience

Ticketmaster and ticketnetwork are two highly-effective online ticket selling platforms. Both platforms promise customers a seamless and hassle-free ticket buying experience. However, as a user, which one should you choose over the other? To help you make the most informed decision, we will compare the user experience of each platform, focusing on key features such as ease of use and mobile app experience.

Ease Of Use Of Each Platform

  • Ticketmaster’s website is user-friendly, and even first-time users can easily navigate through it. Users can use the search bar to find events and filter search results to narrow their options, based on preferences such as price, event date, and location.
  • Ticketnetwork’s website is equally easy-to-use, with a clean and simple user interface that anyone can navigate through. However, accessing the site’s description of events requires users to click on each event’s name, which can be time-consuming.

Availability Of Key Features Such As Seat Selection

  • Ticketmaster allows users to select their seats, which is a great feature that ensures transparency and helps clients plan better.
  • Ticketnetwork also provides a seat selection feature but doesn’t include the seats’ designations, which might not be useful to all customers.

Comparison Of Mobile App Experiences

  • The ticketmaster app is user-friendly and optimized for mobile devices, providing updated event schedules and ticket information on the go. The app’s integration with apple wallet also makes it easy for users to store tickets and access event information quickly.
  • The ticketnetwork app is equally good, with an excellent user interface that provides easy navigation. Users can view available tickets, select seats, and purchase tickets with ease. However, the app lacks features such as sorting by price, which can make it challenging to find the best deal.

Both ticketmaster and ticketnetwork offer users an industry-standard experience with their user-friendly platforms, seamless checkouts, and high-security standards. However, ticketmaster has some advantages, such as seat selection and the ease of using its app, making it the go-to-option for many users.

Ticket Availability And Search Filters

Ticketnetwork Vs Ticketmaster: Ticket Availability And Search Filters

Ticket buying can be a daunting task, especially if you’re unsure of which platform to use. In this blog post, we’ll focus on two popular ticket sellers, ticketnetwork and ticketmaster and compare their ticket availability and search filters.

Comparison Of The Search Filters On Each Platform

Ticketmaster and ticketnetwork both provide decent search filters, giving buyers the ability to find what they’re looking for. However, there are some differences between them.

Ticketmaster Search Filters

Ticketmaster’s search filters are convenient without being too complicated. With its user-friendly interface, buyers can easily sort through events by date, venue, and even pricing. Ticketmaster also offers the ability to filter by sections and seats, which gives buyers the ability to pinpoint the exact seats they want to purchase.

The additional filters that ticketmaster offers include:

  • Event time
  • Event type
  • Ticket type
  • Price range
  • Artist teams and leagues

Ticketnetwork Search Filters

Ticketnetwork’s search filters may seem overwhelming at first glance, but they prove to be quite helpful when searching for tickets. While ticketnetwork lacks seat maps, its search results are incredibly extensive, providing buyers with thousands of options for any given event.

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The additional filters that ticketnetwork offers include:

  • Date range
  • Number of tickets
  • Seating zones
  • Seller notes
  • Ticket provider

Overall, ticketnetwork’s search filters are slightly more advanced than ticketmaster’s, with expanded options and seller notes.

User Reviews And Ratings Of The Search Features

Most customers prefer to use ticketmaster’s website because it’s popular and reputable. The platform’s search filters are easy to navigate and offer reasonable pricing options for most people.

Ticketnetwork, on the other hand, offers something unique with its wide range of ticket selection. This makes it a popular choice for customers who give rave reviews about the extensive list of events, their filters, and ticket prices.

Overall, customers seem to have a preference between the two platforms based on their requirements and tastes. Ticketmaster is perfect for anyone looking for a hassle-free experience without being overwhelmed by too many options. In contrast, ticketnetwork is best for individuals looking for a wider variety of options and advanced filtering options.

Customer Support

Ticketnetwork Vs Ticketmaster: A Comparison Of Customer Support

When it comes to buying event tickets, two of the most well-known platforms are ticketnetwork and ticketmaster. Both offer a wide range of tickets for various events, along with additional features such as ticket insurance and mobile ticketing. However, as a customer, you also want to make sure that you have access to reliable and efficient customer support whenever you need it.

In this section, we’ll compare the customer support options of these two platforms, along with user experiences with their customer service.

Comparison Of Customer Support Options On Ticketnetwork And Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster offers various customer support options such as phone support, email support, and live chat support. Moreover, they have a vast knowledge base where customers can find answers to frequently asked questions, along with video tutorials on various topics. On the other hand, ticketnetwork primarily relies on their email support system and has a comprehensive knowledge base to assist customers.

To sum it up, ticketmaster’s broad spectrum of customer support options may give the impression of better service than ticketnetwork’s email support, but it also depends on the user’s preference.

User Experiences With Customer Service On Both Platforms

Customers have their own experiences and opinions on the quality of customer service on both ticketnetwork and ticketmaster. Some consider ticketnetwork’s email support to be timely and efficient, while others praise ticketmaster’s live chat support for quick and accurate responses to their inquiries.

Some customers have experienced long wait times with ticketmaster’s phone support, while others have found it to be relatively fast and straightforward.

Moreover, customer experiences might differ based on location, type of event, time of day and many more factors. That said, users can choose to find answers on an online knowledge base and avoid wait times for support or, in some cases, maintain low response times with phone or chat support.

When it comes to customer support, both ticketnetwork and ticketmaster offer their unique set of benefits for customers, and it is up to the user to decide which support options best suit their needs.

Fees And Additional Costs

Ticketnetwork Vs Ticketmaster: Fees And Additional Costs

As ticket reselling platforms, ticketnetwork and ticketmaster are both industry leaders. They have millions of registered users and have been part of the ticketing industry for years. However, when it comes to the fees and additional costs associated with purchasing tickets, both platforms are unique.

We will walk you through a detailed comparison of the fees and additional costs for purchasing tickets on each platform.

Comparison Of Fees For Ticket Purchases On Each Platform

When purchasing tickets on both ticketnetwork and ticketmaster, the following fees may apply:

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  • Service fees: Ticketmaster and ticketnetwork both charge service fees for every purchase made on their platform. These fees range from a few dollars to more than $30 depending on the event, tickets, and location.
  • Delivery fees: Delivery fees on both platforms vary depending on the event and ticket format. For instance, it might cost more to ship physical tickets than to download electronic tickets.
  • Venue fees: Venue fees refer to additional fees that some venues charge to cover their operational costs. These fees are usually based on the percentage of tickets sold or a standard fee per ticket.

Additional Costs Such As Shipping And Handling Fees And Hidden Fees

In addition to the fees mentioned above, there are other additional costs associated with purchasing tickets on ticketnetwork and ticketmaster. These costs include:

  • Shipping and handling fees: These additional charges are applied when purchasing physical tickets and are dependent on the ticket’s shipping destination and urgency. Shipping fees may vary from $5 to $50, depending on the carrier used and the shipping option selected.
  • Hidden fees: Hidden fees are charges that are not immediately recognizable or clearly stated in the advertised price. Ticketnetwork and ticketmaster both have policies that mandate sellers to disclose any hidden fees. Before completing a ticket purchase transaction, ticketmaster displays the total price and the estimated fees associated with the purchase.

When it comes to the fees and additional costs associated with purchasing tickets, both ticketnetwork and ticketmaster are industry leaders. However, depending on the event, the ticket, and location, these platforms differ in terms of their fees, and it is essential to weigh all the costs and compare them before making a purchase on either platform.

Security And Fraud Protection

Ticketnetwork Vs Ticketmaster: Security And Fraud Protection

When it comes to purchasing tickets for events, security and fraud protection are essential factors to consider. We will compare ticketnetwork and ticketmaster and their security measures to help you make an informed decision.

Ticket Verification Systems On Each Platform

Ticket verification systems can help to ensure the authenticity of event tickets. Here is a comparison of the ticket verification systems on ticketnetwork and ticketmaster:


  • Uses the verified tickets program to verify the authenticity of tickets sold by their sellers
  • Tickets purchased through the platform are guaranteed to be authentic


  • Uses the verified fan program to ensure that real fans can purchase event tickets
  • The platform verifies the authenticity of tickets sold through their site
  • Tickets purchased through ticketmaster are also guaranteed to be authentic

Comparison Of Fraud Protection Features

Fraud protection is an integral aspect of ticket purchasing. Here is a side-by-side comparison of fraud protection features offered by ticketnetwork and ticketmaster:


  • Utilizes a proprietary algorithm to keep an eye on sellers’ accounts and pricing for unusual activity
  • If a fraudulent account is detected, the company will suspend the account and work with affected customers to ensure they receive valid tickets
  • If the purchase is made but the event is cancelled and not rescheduled, ticketnetwork will refund the entire purchase price


  • Offers a year-round 24/7 customer service hotline to answer any concerns about fraud or counterfeit tickets
  • The company offers a 100% verified guarantee for their tickets
  • If an event is cancelled and not rescheduled, ticketmaster will reimburse the ticket’s face value and all fees

Both ticketnetwork and ticketmaster offer robust security and fraud protection features, including ticket verification and fraud detection. When considering which platform to purchase tickets from, it’s worth evaluating the individual experiences and pricing offered by the sellers to make the best decision for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Ticketnetwork Vs Ticketmaster

What Is Ticketnetwork?

Ticketnetwork is an online ticket marketplace that allows users to buy and sell event tickets.

What Is Ticketmaster?

Ticketmaster is an online ticketing platform that enables users to purchase event tickets directly from the primary source.

What Are The Differences Between Ticketnetwork And Ticketmaster?

Ticketmaster is the primary source for event tickets, while ticketnetwork is a secondary marketplace. In addition, ticketmaster has more exclusive deals with venues, while ticketnetwork might have a wider selection of tickets for a specific event.


Both ticketnetwork and ticketmaster have pros and cons that are worth considering. Ticketnetwork offers a wider range of events to choose from, a user-friendly interface, and competitive pricing. On the other hand, ticketmaster has a more established reputation, a reliable ticket delivery system, and exclusive deals with popular events.

Depending on your individual needs and preferences, one platform may suit you better than the other. Ultimately, it’s important to keep in mind that ticket resale websites have their own set of risks, such as fraud and overpriced tickets, so it’s important to exercise caution and do your due diligence before making a purchase.

By analyzing the differences between ticketnetwork and ticketmaster, you can make an informed decision and find the best ticketing platform that works for you. Happy ticket hunting!

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