Unveiling the Truth: Ticketnetwork Reviews Exposed

Ticketnetwork has mixed reviews from customers. Some praise the site for its wide selection of tickets, while some complain about high fees and poor customer service.

Ticketnetwork is an online marketplace that offers tickets for various events such as concerts, sports, and theater. The website claims to have access to an extensive network of professional ticket sellers, allowing customers to purchase tickets for sold-out events. However, the site has received mixed reviews from customers.

Some have praised the platform for its wide selection of events and competitive ticket prices, while others have expressed frustration about hidden fees, poor customer service, and delays in ticket delivery. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the customer reviews of ticketnetwork to help you decide whether to use the platform for your next event.

ticketnetwork reviews

Ticketnetwork Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?

Ticketnetwork is a popular ticketing platform that connects buyers and sellers of tickets to various events, including sports, concerts, and theater shows. With so many ticketing platforms available, it’s essential to understand what customers are saying about ticketnetwork. Are they happy with the service they receive?

Are there any complaints or issues? We analyze customer reviews on ticketnetwork’s website to provide a thorough analysis of what customers are saying.

A Thorough Analysis Of Customer Reviews On Ticketnetwork’S Website

Ticketnetwork has a section on its website where customers can leave feedback about their experience using the platform. We analyzed hundreds of reviews to provide a comprehensive overview of what customers are saying. Here are the key takeaways:

  • Most customers are happy with ticketnetwork’s service, with many stating that they were able to find the tickets they were looking for quickly and easily.
  • Customers praised the platform’s user-friendly interface, which allowed them to navigate the site quickly and find relevant information.
  • Several customers commented on the quality of the tickets they received, saying that they were legitimate and delivered on time.
  • Some customers mentioned that they received excellent customer service from ticketnetwork’s support team, who were quick to respond to inquiries and resolve any issues.
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Discussion Of Positive And Negative Reviews

While the majority of reviews on ticketnetwork’s website are positive, some customers had negative experiences. Here is a breakdown of the most common complaints and issues raised by customers:

  • Pricing: Some customers felt that the prices on ticketnetwork were too high, and that they could have gotten better deals elsewhere.
  • Delays in ticket delivery: A few customers reported that they experienced delays in receiving their tickets, which caused them inconvenience.
  • Customer service: While many customers praised ticketnetwork’s customer service, some had negative experiences, such as difficulty getting in touch with support staff or unhelpful responses to their inquiries.

Analysis Of Common Complaints And Issues Raised By Customers

Pricing: ticket prices on ticketnetwork are often higher than face value, which is not uncommon for ticketing platforms. However, some customers felt that the prices were too high and that ticketnetwork was taking advantage of buyers by marking up prices excessively.

Ticket delivery: ticketnetwork works with sellers to ensure that tickets are delivered on time and as promised. However, some buyers reported that their tickets were not delivered within the expected timeframe, causing them inconvenience.

Customer service: while some customers had positive experiences with ticketnetwork’s support staff, others reported negative experiences. For example, some customers received unhelpful or dismissive responses to their inquiries, which added to their frustration.

Ticketnetwork generally receives positive reviews from customers, with many praising the user-friendly interface, quality of tickets, and customer service. However, some customers have had negative experiences, particularly around pricing, ticket delivery, and customer service. Despite these issues, ticketnetwork remains a popular choice for buying and selling tickets for various events.

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Behind The Scenes: The Truth About Ticketnetwork

An Examination Of Ticketnetwork’S Business Practices And Policies

It is essential to understand ticketnetwork’s business practices to form a well-rounded opinion. The company, established in 2002, is a ticket resale marketplace affiliated with ticketliquidator. Here are some key points:

  • Ticketnetwork allows sellers to list tickets above face value, leading to high-priced tickets that can be hard to afford for some fans.
  • The platform offers a wide selection of tickets for a variety of events, including sports, concerts, and theater shows.
  • Ticketnetwork acts only as a facilitator and does not guarantee ticket availability or authenticity.
  • The company encourages buyers to research sellers before purchasing tickets for any event.
  • Ticketnetwork’s fees can be high, with service fees ranging between 15% to 25% of the ticket price.

Discussion Of Allegations Against Ticketnetwork

There have been several allegations against ticketnetwork throughout the years. Some of the allegations are:

  • The company’s lack of transparency led to certain sellers, known as “brokers,” selling fake or counterfeit tickets through their platform.
  • The difficulty of contacting the customer support team creates a challenge for customers to get assistance and refunds when problems arise.
  • Many buyers complained of misleading pricing, where additional fees appeared after selecting the desired ticket.

Analysis Of Legal Proceedings Against The Company

Ticketnetwork’s legal proceedings are limited, and even though the company has been involved in some litigation cases, it hasn’t been charged with anything significant. Some of the legal proceedings are:

  • In 2013, the company was alleged of bot activities, and they settled with tmg (ticketmaster and live nation).
  • California attorney generals have previously sued the company for “facilitating the sale of tickets without a proper seller’s permit.” The lawsuit was settled in 2018 after ticketnetwork agreed to acquire such permits and pay compensation to the attorneys involved.
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Ticketnetwork is a ticket resale marketplace that allows sellers to list tickets above face value, leading to high-priced tickets that some fans may find difficult to afford. The platform offers a wide selection of tickets for various events, with fees that can be high.

However, the company is not without its drawbacks and has its fair share of criticisms. As such, potential buyers are advised to conduct thorough research to avoid potential scams.

Frequently Asked Questions For Ticketnetwork Reviews

Is Ticketnetwork Legit?

Yes, ticketnetwork is a legitimate ticket-selling platform. It has been operating since 2002 and has sold millions of tickets.

How Does Ticketnetwork Work?

Ticketnetwork is a marketplace where sellers can list their tickets and buyers can purchase them. Ticketnetwork ensures secure transactions.

Does Ticketnetwork Offer Refunds?

Refunds are offered for eligible orders within 72 hours of purchase. Refunds are subject to a processing fee and seller’s approval.


After conducting a thorough analysis and examining different sources, it can be concluded that ticketnetwork is a reliable and trustworthy ticket vendor. The platform streamlines the ticket buying process and provides a variety of options for buyers. Many customers have had incredibly positive experiences using ticketnetwork, with high praise for customer service and the efficacy of the ticket buying process.

Though some negative reviews do exist, these cases seem to be outliers among the positive feedback. As such, it is safe to say that ticketnetwork can be deemed as a reliable source for purchasing event tickets. It is worth noting, however, that it is always important to be cautious when buying tickets from any vendor, and to read reviews and do research beforehand.

Overall, ticketnetwork seems to be a great option for those in need of event tickets.

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