How To Read A Book

how to read a book

“How to Read a Book” by Mortimer J. Adler was originally published in 1940 and later heavily revised in 1972. It teaches a reader how to critically evaluate books and develop a love for reading. It also includes an index of key terms that help you distinguish good books from great ones. It should be read at least once by anyone who wants to improve their reading skills. But, the guidelines are not just for novice readers. People of all ages and levels can benefit from a copy of this classic.

If you’re not a beginner reader, you might find this book too technical. A book containing a lot of complex ideas might not be right for you. It’s best to choose a few books that you know you’ll enjoy and that are not too hard to read. Then, you can expand your notes. In this way, you’ll get a better grasp of the material. By doing a thorough close reading, you will gain a deeper understanding of the work.

For more advanced readers, you can also apply “close reading” techniques. This means reading the book more closely and analyzing the contents. The more you look at a book, the more you will learn. If you can’t find a good book, don’t waste your time. There are many tips and techniques to help you read a novel closely. But before you begin, try these tips and see if they work for you. You might be surprised at how useful they are.

Analytical reading is another type of reading. In this case, you should try to understand the author’s purpose and intent. You should use your notes and marginalia to converse with the author. You should classify the books according to their subject matter and genre. It’s a good idea to state the main point of a book in as little words as possible. And you should be able to define what the author is trying to solve.

As a reader, you can also make notes in the margins. For example, you can write down questions and asterisks that you want to come back to. Moreover, you can make short summaries of what you’ve read. You can also write down the number of pages that are related to the topic. The main point of a book should be clear and easy to understand. It will help you analyze the book thoroughly.

Adler’s work on reading focuses on how to understand a book. In this way, he is able to make you understand what the author is trying to say. And he also makes sure that you’ll enjoy reading the book. And if you don’t like reading books, you’re better off reading other types of books. So, if you’re interested in reading, this is the perfect resource.