Top 10 Best Japanese Mystery Novels Reviews With Products List

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Are you looking for a good Japanese Mystery Novels? There are several books out there that can help you. What makes a great Japanese Mystery Novels?
The Best Japanese Mystery Novels is the one that has all of your needs and wants covered, while still being easy to read. It should also be something that you can use over time as you plan and execute. The most important part of any Japanese Mystery Novels is that it has everything you require in one place. You don't want to have to go searching through different websites or apps to find what you're looking for. This way, you know exactly where to look when you need to find a certain type of information.
In this blog post, we've got you covered! Here's our list of the top 10 Best Japanese Mystery Novels:

Best Japanese Mystery Novels
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1Leviathan Wakes9.8Buy On Amazon
2I Am Not Who You Think I Am: A Novel9.8Buy On Amazon
3The Handmaiden (4K UHD)9.8Buy On Amazon
4Free Books for Kindle Fire Amazon Fire phone9.8Buy On Amazon
5Klara and the Sun: A novel9.6Buy On Amazon
6The Ronin Returns: A Matsuyama Kaze Mystery (Samurai Mysteries)9.6Buy On Amazon
7The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles - Nintendo Switch9.2Buy On Amazon
8Korean Book, Japanese Mystery Novel/요리코를 위해 - 노리즈키 린타로/Original Title : 賴子のために - Norizuki Rintaro/Shipping from Korea9Buy On Amazon
9Strange Dogs8.8Buy On Amazon
10Majestic Pure Himalayan Salt Body Scrub with Lychee Oil8.2Buy On Amazon

1. Leviathan Wakes

2. I Am Not Who You Think I Am: A Novel

3. The Handmaiden (4K UHD)

4. Free Books for Kindle Fire Amazon Fire phone

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5. Klara and the Sun: A novel

6. The Ronin Returns: A Matsuyama Kaze Mystery (Samurai Mysteries)

7. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles – Nintendo Switch

  • Two games in One – For the first time, players in north America and Europe will experience 10 episodes from the great Ace attorney: adventures and the great Ace attorney 2: resolve, previously only available in Japan.
  • An all-new cast – the collection follows ryunosuke naruhodo, an ancestor of Phoenix wright, alongside a colorful new cast of characters including the quirky Ace detective, her Lock Sholmes.
  • New gameplay mechanics – the great Ace attorney Chronicles debuts two new gameplay experiences to Raise the stakes in and out of the courtroom.
  • Bonus content included – in addition to the two games, The collection also includes exciting bonus content that was previously released as DLC content or through special events in Japan.
  • Art gallery and auditorium – experience the beautiful artwork, music and voice recordings of the great Ace attorney, presented in full-fledged galleries for players to enjoy.

8. Korean Book, Japanese Mystery Novel/요리코를 위해 – 노리즈키 린타로/Original Title : 賴子のために – Norizuki Rintaro/Shipping from Korea

  • Shipping from Korea.
  • Norizuki Rintaro 法月綸太郞 (Author), Lee Kiwoong (Translator)

9. Strange Dogs

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Japanese Mystery Novels Buying Guide:

When it comes to buying Japanese Mystery Novels, there are a few things that matter most. You need to know if the book has been written by an expert. The next thing you should be concerned about is whether the author is using proper scientific methods when writing their book. Finally, you want to make sure that the book contains information that is relevant to you. In our review, we’ve tried to take these factors into account. Here’s what we found out.
  • Expertise: We started off by looking at how many people wrote each book. This was important because not every person can write about Japanese Mystery Novels. There are some areas where you need specific expertise. 
  • Price: Next, we looked at the price of each book. Most of them were fairly priced. However, one book had a very high price tag. That’s why we didn’t recommend it.
  • Rating: The last factor we considered was the rating of each book. We used both Amazon and Goodreads ratings as well as reviews from other sources. To get a better idea of how reliable these sources were, we also compared the average rating of each book.


In summary, all the Japanese Mystery Novels we mentioned above are worth checking out. They’re written by experts who use scientific methods to provide quality content. They’re reasonably priced, and they contain useful information. So, which book did we choose?